Company Bio

Derek Dalsin CPA, CA is a highly experienced tax specialist who has been providing exceptional services to accounting firms, law firms, investment and insurance advisors, and their clients since 2015. With a core competency in tax solutions integrated with business practicalities, Derek Dalsin Tax Inc. offers a wide range of specialized tax services across the BC Interior, the Lower Mainland, and various points across Canada.

With more than 38 years of professional, business, and financial experience, Derek Dalsin CPA, CA has a unique ability to quickly grasp issues beyond superficial client and staff queries or representations, culminating in efficient “issues identification aptitude.” Some of the additional unique experience includes tax issues related to agribusiness, mining, professional partnerships, corporate reorganizations, and real estate inventory, among others.

Derek's approach to tax consultancy is unique, as he practices pure tax consultancy and does not undertake any compilations, NTRs, Reviews, or Audits. He consults with clients directly only upon referral by firms. By servicing your client’s tax consultancy needs through you, Derek ensures that the relevant facts are well-represented, clearly reasoned, and concise.

Engaging Derek Dalsin CPA, CA offers a range of benefits to clients, including:

  • A client consultation with solutions to complex tax issues that provide you with an extensive value proposition to serve your clients’ needs
  • Efficient tax planning and negative assurance on tax matters
  • Pricing that respects the sensitivity of the client, especially when they are predominantly a compliance client with marginal previous exposures to specialist professional services
  • Scope determination, pricing, and budgeting are monitored to avoid surprises
  • A non-reviewable practice that delivers a unique appreciation of solution conveyance subtleties

Derek Dalsin CPA, CA offers unique competencies in assisting clients (accounting firms, law firms, investment advisors, and life insurance advisors) in communicating with their clients. With a vast range of experience in the field, Derek is a reliable and efficient partner who provides specialized tax services and practical solutions that help his clients expand their range of offered services and increase their client retention.

Personal Bio

Derek Dalsin CPA, CA has more than 38 years of professional, business, and financial experience and is a proficient tax expert who has been offering specialized tax services to clients and their associated professionals across various regions in Canada since 2015, operating under the name Derek Dalsin Tax Inc. His services are engaged by accounting firms, law firms, investment and insurance advisors to meet their clients' specific tax needs in the BC Interior, Lower Mainland and other locations throughout the country.

In October 2014, Derek assisted in opening a new tax boutique law office involving accountants and lawyers in Vancouver. He arrived in Vancouver in May 2005 from Calgary to assist in opening a new Vancouver office for Sorrell Financial Inc. which undertakes financial engineering, insurance planning/ sales, risk management and tax planning.

Prior to this, he carried on tax advisory services businesses through his professional corporation in Calgary, acting as trustee for Alberta trusts and as a director of private corporations in Alberta. His practice focused on foreign inbound and Canadian outbound direct and indirect investment tax structuring and financing. He also rendered services to medium-sized public accounting firms and law firms, which yielded estate planning, voluntary disclosure, tax restructuring, and general tax-related service opportunities.

Derek served as the Tax Partner in Charge of the Winnipeg Tax Division of KPMG LLP between 1998 and 2001, managing over 24 tax specialists and initiating several new practice areas while growing the Winnipeg KPMG LLP tax practice revenue base.

Before the Winnipeg transfer, he practiced as a Calgary Tax Partner with KPMG LLP for over twelve years. His practice experience included a full range of client services, ranging from owner-operators to multinational enterprises and public corporations.

Education/Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Commerce Degree, University of Alberta,

Chartered Accountant, Alberta Institute of Chartered Accountants

CICA Tax Courses, including; In-Depth Tax Courses, Resource Tax Course, Corporate Reorganization Course

University of London, Distance Learning; Administrative Law, Contract Law, Trust Law

Chartered Life Underwriter 2006, Advocis

Professional and Community Teaching Experience

Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants

CICA In-Depth In Residence Corporate Reorganizations Tutor, 2001

CICA In-Depth In Residence Tax Program – Tutor, Parts I, II and III

University of Calgary

North American Summer School for Advanced Management (MBA) (1998), including students from Canada, United States, and Mexico - business taxation in Canada under direct and indirect inbound (Canada), investment structures

Certified General Accountants Tax Programs; Intermediate and Advanced Taxation Courses (1984‐1989)

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Accelerated Accounting Program – Downtown Campus (1985-1987)

Intermediate Tax Course (CMA & CGA qualifying courses),

Mount Royal College

* International Trade Program, “The Use of Offshore Subsidiary Structures In International Trade”, 1998.

KPMG Peat Marwick – Denver Symposium 1994

“North America Free Trade”

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta

Various Subject Courses – Taxation

Community Leadership & Associations

Hong Kong – Canada Business Association – Calgary Branch, Director, 1992 to 1996

Director and Past-President (1991-1992) of the Canadian Petroleum Tax Society, and am still an active member,

Calgary Chamber of Commerce; Tax Committee, 1986, International Trade Committee, 1984

Vancouver chapter of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (“STEP”), Board Member and Public Relations Director

Advocis, 2009 to 2014

STEP Canada, STEP Vancouver Chapter; I was a member of the B.C. Branch Executive as the Public Relations representative, and consequently also the National Public Relations Committee to 2019

STEP Okanagan member 2016 to 2019

Vernon Estate Planning Council, 2017 to present

The Kelowna Tax Discussion Group, 2015 to present.

North Okanagan Public Practitioners Group 2015 to present.

Kelowna Public Practitioners Group 2016 to present.

International Fiscal Association 1985 to present,

Canadian Tax Foundation 1976 to present


*Canadian Tax Foundation, Canadian Tax Journal, 1991 Volume 39, issue no. 1 – Dispositions of Property by Non-Residents; Tax Deferral By Ministerial Discretion

  • Tax Treaty Linked Income Tax Provisions, 1990, Canadian Petroleum Tax Journal, Vol. 3, No. 1
  • Canada – U.S. Dual Resident Corporation: Tax Planning Restricted, 1986, 34.CAN.Tax.J6.21 - This article was cited in the Courts as an authoritative discussion of a then recent change to the Income Tax Act, Canada
  • Inter-provincial Tax Planning: Canadian Tax Foundation, Prairie Provinces Conference 1996
  • Tax Update: Canadian Petroleum Tax Society 1996, Calgary
  • 1996 Fall Lecture Series (Canadian Petroleum Tax Society and The University of Calgary)
  • Carswell: Taxation of Trusts and Beneficiaries (Chapters 5 and 9 dealing with non‐resident beneficiaries and non-resident trusts)
  • Private Wealth Advisor (CampdenU.K.) October, 2000 Estate Planning In Canada
  • Private Wealth Advisor (CampdenU.K.) December, 2000 Non-Resident Trusts and Foreign Investment Entities (discussion regarding draft legislation at that time)
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  • Entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants of Calgary, “Mirror Wills & Testamentary Spousal Trust provisions” – October 2003.
  • Entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants of Calgary, “Ireland and Canada Sign a New Tax Treaty” – November 2003; “Stock Options on Death, an Anomaly” – March 2004
  • “Insurance as a Business Planning Tool” in Business in Vancouver 2013
  • CTF Canadian Tax Highlights – August 2019 “ECP-Related CDA Dividend In the Course of Winding Up, Pre-2017”
Derek Dalsin CPA, CA - Experienced tax specialist who provides tax solutions to accounting firms, law firms, and more

Derek's expertise includes foreign inbound and Canadian outbound direct and indirect investment tax structuring and financing, estate planning, voluntary disclosure, tax restructuring, and general tax-related services. His experience includes being a Tax Partner in a national firm, Tax Partner in charge in a large Canadian city, and working on capital project management, insurance product design and implementation, negotiating workarounds or settlements on poor tax work, and other finance-related endeavours.

By engaging Derek, clients can benefit from his expertise and ensure that the client's scope, depth, risk/return appetite, and various alternative courses of action are considered. The scope, pricing, and budgeting are monitored to avoid surprises and his pricing respects sensitivity, especially when a client is predominantly a compliance client with previous marginal exposures to specialist professional services.

Contact Derek at (778) 212-1597 or to discuss how he can help your business navigate complex tax and business challenges with his expert tax solutions and personalized approach.

At Derek Dalsin CPA, CA, we deliver innovative, and effective tax solutions to our clients while ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all aspects of our work.

We strive to empower our clients with clear, understandable tax advice and efficient execution of transactions while ensuring that the benefits of our advice are realized within the designed time frame. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor, providing exceptional service and delivering measurable results to our clients.

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