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Tax Advisory and Consultancy Services for Accountants, Lawyers, Investment Advisors, Insurance Advisors, and their Clients

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us now to retain our expert tax advisory services before your client’s deal is completed or irreversible. With our help, you’ll be able to control your client’s tax incidence, add value to their negotiations, and avoid any tax surprises. Remember, retroactive tax planning is outlawed, so don’t wait to obtain the tax advice you need – contact us today at (778) 212-1597

Tax Advisory and Consultancy Services for Accountants, Lawyers, Investment Advisors, Insurance Advisors, and their Clients

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us now to retain our expert tax advisory services before your client’s deal is completed or irreversible. With our help, you’ll be able to control your client’s tax incidence, add value to their negotiations, and avoid any tax surprises. Remember, retroactive tax planning is outlawed, so don’t wait to obtain the tax advice you need – contact us today at (778) 212-1597

Maximizing Tax Efficiency For Optimal Financial Outcomes

Utilize our expertise to minimize your clients’ tax obligations and structure their businesses for the best possible financial outcomes.

Navigating Complex Tax Matters With Ease

Rely on our exceptional understanding of tax legislation and experience negotiating with taxation authorities to resolve even the most complex tax issues with ease.

Proactive Tax Mitigation Strategies: Reducing The Risk Of Unexpected Tax Consequences

Our expertise in tax compliance and planning minimizes the risk of unexpected tax liabilities, ensuring the financial stability of your business.

Customized Tax Solutions For Optimal Results

Benefit from our reputation for developing creative, tailored solutions that deliver results and help your clients reach their financial goals.

Maximize Your Tax Efficiency and Minimize Risks with Our Innovative Tax Solutions

We leverage our tax specialist knowledge and years of experience to offer creative prescient solutions that help clients maximize tax efficiency and mitigate risks. Our tailored tax solutions are designed to address the unique needs of clients of accounting, law, investment and insurance firms, with a focus on delivering results-driven solutions that achieve significant tax savings for years to come.

  • Custom Service Delivery: Our extensive specialist tax knowledge and business experience enable to provide custom service delivery to meet the unique needs of each client, whether owner-managed clients, larger enterprises, professionally managed businesses or public entities.
  • Effective Communication: We pride ourselves on effective communication with clients, as well as other professionals involved in the process, such as accounting firms, law firms, investment advisors, and insurance advisors.
  • Big Four Expertise: With Derek Dalsin’s business experience and expertise in a Big Four accounting firm, as well as diverse industry experience, insurance product design, and tax leadership roles, he provides clients with unparalleled insights into the tax landscape.
  • Planning Directions and Instructions: We provide clear and concise planning directions and instructions to our clients, which include succinct documentation explaining our advice. This documentation serves as a set of directions to legal counsel to execute the plans.
  • Coordination with Legal Counsel: We work closely with legal counsel to ensure that plans are executed effectively, providing the highest level of support to our clients.

Trust us to deliver innovative and proactive tax solutions customized to your clients’ unique needs that maximize tax efficiency and mitigate risks while achieving significant tax savings for their businesses.

Expert Tax Representation and Audit Defence

With over 38 years of experience, Derek Dalsin CPA, CA offers exceptional tax representation and audit defence services for clients seeking to liaise with taxation authorities, including Canada Revenue Agency and Finance Canada. Our objective is not only to minimize taxes within the bounds of tax laws but also to reduce the stress by handling the day-to-day dealings with the CRA so that clients can focus on their business.

  • Tax Court Representation: Derek’s extensive knowledge and experience allow him to represent taxpayers in the Tax Court of Canada (Informal Procedure), ensuring that clients have the best possible representation in court.
  • Skilled Negotiation: Derek’s strength and expertise in resolving CRA disputes allow him to negotiate effectively with Government auditors and appeals officers on behalf of clients.
  • Tax Speak: Derek’s ability to use ‘tax speak’ is highly valued by clients, as he can provide relevant tax and accounting references to assist them in servicing their clients effectively.
  • Understanding: Derek’s exceptional understanding of the complexity of tax legislation and administrative policy of taxation authorities ensures that clients receive the highest level of support and advice.
  • Stress Reduction: Our goal is to reduce the stress and burden of dealing with the CRA, leaving clients free to focus on their business while we handle the day-to-day dealings with tax authorities.
Trust Derek Dalsin CPA, CA to provide expert tax representation and audit defence services, reducing your clients’ stress and ensuring the best possible outcome for their case. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Derek is well-equipped to handle all your clients’ tax needs and provide the highest level of support and advice.

Optimize Your Cross-Border Tax Strategy with Our Expert Consulting Services

Derek Dalsin CPA, CA provides clients with professional advice and proactive solutions to help manage cross-border tax matters. We specialize in cross-border optimization services, including tax symmetry and tax simultaneity, to optimize the amount of taxes paid in different jurisdictions and maximize available tax credits. With our knowledge and expertise in cross-border and tax treaty-based planning, we provide customized solutions that address your clients’ unique needs and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Personalized Solutions: We work with your clients to create tailored tax strategies that streamline compliance requirements, take advantage of all possible current and future opportunities to reduce their tax burden, and maximize the use of available tax credits for individuals and businesses.
  • Extensive Experience: Experienced in various tax planning and consulting engagements concerning residency, expatriation, investments, gifting, and the sale of homes and real estate.
  • Cross-Border Expertise: Derek Dalsin CPA, CA has expertise in Canada-U.S. cross-border tax issues, drawing on superior technical knowledge and business experience to deliver consistent and effective solutions.
  • In-depth assessments of business needs and situations: Integration of tax solutions with business practicalities to ensure maximum tax savings
  • Services: Derek Dalsin CPA, CA offers tax planning, assistance in navigating complex cross-border tax regulations, updates and monitoring of tax regulations to ensure compliance and identification of new tax planning opportunities
Trust Derek Dalsin CPA, CA to deliver customized cross-border tax solutions that meet your clients’ individual and business needs, reducing stress and ensuring the best possible outcomes. With our extensive knowledge and experience in cross-border and tax treaty-based planning, we provide solutions to minimize tax burdens and maximize tax credits across jurisdictions while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. Whether your client is an individual or a business, we can help them navigate complex cross-border tax issues and achieve their financial goals. Derek Dalsin CPA, CA provides tax planning and compliance advice and is highly regarded for his expertise in developing innovative tax strategies for clients.

I have engaged MR. DALSIN SERVICES many times and have found his knowledge of tax matters to be outstanding. He is excellent at detail in dotting the “I” and crossing the “t”s. I have no hesitation in recommending him for tax work.


We have used Derek's services on a number of occasions to assist with complex client tax matters, including corporate reorganizations, estate planning and other tax-related issues. Derek not only knows the complexities of the Tax Act better than most practitioners, but he is also able to apply his knowledge in a way that achieves the client's desired outcome in a timely and professional manner. We greatly value Derek's assistance in serving our clients.

– Jason Hatch, B.Comm., CPA, CA
Business Tax Advisory

Expert Tax Specialist for Estate Planning, Corporate Reorganizations, Succession Planning, and Post-Mortem Estate Management

Estate planning is a critical aspect of financial management to ensure that your clients’ hard-earned wealth is transferred according to their wishes and minimize taxes paid to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Our tax specialist offers estate planning, corporate reorganizations, succession planning, and post-mortem estate management services to your clients in need.
  • Customized estate planning: We approach estate planning with a unique focus on your goals to structure a plan that reflects your philosophy and caters to your situation.
  • Trusts made easy: Our tax specialist simplifies the complex tax mitigation vehicle of trusts and helps your clients understand its benefits in easy-to-understand terms.
  • Valid wills: A legally valid will is central to ensuring that your clients’ wishes are followed in a timely, cost-effective, and tax-efficient manner. We design a estate plan that includes a valid, updated will.
  • Minimizing tax exposure: With effective tax planning, our tax specialist can help minimize the tax that would otherwise be paid at death and ensure your clients’ planned transfer of assets is not altered due to unforeseen consequences.
  • Succession planning: Our practical advice in areas like equity ownership, financial restructuring, tax planning, and wills can help ensure a successful transfer of management to future generations.
Derek Dalsin CPA, CA provides your clients with personalized estate planning, corporate reorganizations, succession planning, and post-mortem estate management services to help them achieve their goals and minimize tax exposure. With over 38 years of experience in tax planning, we can ensure your clients’ assets are transferred according to their wishes and avoid paying a substantial portion of their wealth to CRA.

Maximize Your Business Sale with Expert Tax Planning: Our Due Diligence and M&A Services

Is your client looking to make a strategic move in business through acquisitions, divestitures, or mergers? We offer extensive experience in corporate and business tax issues, covering both the buy and sell side of transactions. We excel in providing due diligence services, as well as designing representations and warranties and contractual terms, all while navigating complex tax implications. We have a proven track record of guiding our clients through successful negotiation matters, leading to enhanced value and reduced risk. With a focus on ensuring tax-efficient transactions, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to optimize your clients’ business strategies.
  • Customized due diligence services: We examine the last few years’ financial statements, provide a realistic valuation estimate, and advise on the purchase price, asset division, Representations & Warranties design, contractual terms design and income tax implications.
  • Assistance in mergers and acquisitions: We include a review of cash flow, optimization of taxes, and assistance in obtaining financing and structuring agreements.
  • Expertise in minimizing tax: We provide advocacy and consultancy on the sale of shares, incorporating unincorporated businesses, and structuring shareholder buy/sell agreements.
  • In-depth assessments of business needs and situations: With our extensive experience in diverse industries we provide problem identification and proposed solutions to enhance value and maximize return on investment.
  • Proven strategies for minimizing tax considerations: We utilize strategies to optimize tax considerations in business sales, including capital gains exemptions, purification of the company for sale purposes, and creative approaches like earnouts and share-for-share exchanges.
Our services help ensure that you make informed and intelligent decisions about your clients’ business transactions, with accurate and reliable information that leads to better protection for your client’s investment. Let us assist your clients in maximizing the return on their business sale with expert tax planning and due diligence and M&A services.

Enhance Your Professional Services with Our Expert Tax Advocacy and Consulting

Derek Dalsin CPA, CA, offers specialized tax services to accounting, law, investment, and insurance firms and their clients. With a proven track record of success, we provide innovative solutions to complex tax issues, enhancing the value proposition for your clients. Our approach includes consultation, documentation, advice, and coordination with legal counsel, resulting in exceptional results and increased client retention.

  • Client consultation: We work with you and your clients to identify the best course of action and provide solutions tailored to their unique needs.
  • US & Canadian tax consultations: We have extensive experience in cross-border tax complexities regarding individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, and estates, and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Complex tax litigation: We are well-versed in complex tax litigation, including disputes with tax authorities and other related litigation issues.
  • Multi-jurisdictional tax claims: We have extensive experience in handling tax claims and disputes across multiple jurisdictions, ensuring compliance, maximizing tax benefits and minimizing potential liabilities.
  • Expert witness services: As experts in legal and financial disputes, we provide reliable and professional commentary, analysis, and testimony to support your clients’ cases.
When you engage our services, you will present the initial facts and considerations for review. We then offer clear and concise advice on the scope, depth, risk, and return of various alternative courses of action. Occasionally, your need is merely negative assurance that nothing material has been omitted in the course of your deliberations, and we provide succinct documentation to support your needs. Our tax specialist knowledge and experience are core competencies, integrating tax solutions with business practicalities, and we work on the thorny pieces of larger client portfolios in concert with other professionals. We help you expand your range of offered services, streamline cross-border complexities, and deliver exceptional results for your clients.


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