Don't allow your clients' tax difficulties to remain unresolved.

Don't Allow Your Clients' Tax Issues to Remain Unresolved.

Download access to our guide now and gain valuable insights on navigating the intricate landscape of tax and business challenges. With our expert advice and extensive experience, you will be armed with the necessary tools to effectively address and solve the most challenging tax problems your clients may encounter.

Don't let your client’s tax problems go unsolved.

Download our guide now and gain valuable insights on navigating the most complex tax and business challenges. With our expert tax solutions, advice, and clear explanations, you'll have the tools you need to solve your client’s biggest tax problems and achieve success.

Derek Dalsin CPA CA provides expert resolution to all your complex tax problems with tax advisory services in Canada

Leveraging Tax Specialist Knowledge, Extensive Industry Expertise and Business Acumen for Solutions to Complex Tax Problems

With a wealth of experience in professional, business, and financial domains, we possess the aptitude to diagnose and address complex tax issues promptly. Our expertise in this area makes us a premier choice for businesses seeking expert resolution of their complex tax problems. Leveraging years of expertise in a Big Four accounting firm, diverse industry experience, insurance product design, and tax leadership roles, combined with unparalleled knowledge and understanding of taxation, enables us to provide innovative solutions to tax problems for accounting, law, investment, and insurance firms seeking our specialized advisory services.

  • I have engaged Derek on several matters involving some high-level income tax issues. His knowledge of the Income Tax Act is astounding. Using this knowledge, in addition to providing some narrative on previous experiences related to the issues on hand, he was able to advise and assist me in a timely and effective manner to resolve the issues. He also provided some valuable personal insights.


  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Derek Dalsin, CPA, for several years on joint cases and find him a valuable and knowledgeable resource for the work I do for so many. Whether dealing directly with the CRA or providing highly professional commentary on all facets of business, from agreements to contracts to tax implications, he’s always got the right answers, and his creativity and ability to go to the limits always astounds me. Frankly, in all my 48 years of providing a high level of financial advice, I have found no other as good and effective as Derek. He is simply beyond the level of any accountant I’ve worked with over the years. I’m privileged and proud to be associated with him, and one could not do better than have him working with them.

    Paul Lauzon

    Chartered Financial Planner & Insurance Advisor

  • As a busy public accountant, I have relied on Derek Dalsin as a resource when it comes to complex tax and accounting matters that I simply cannot spend the time on. Derek has been extremely knowledgeable and is able to use ‘tax speak’ when dealing with CRA and also in the court system. He has been able to assist by providing me with the relevant tax and accounting references to allow me to service my clients as well as appear in tax court for my clients, which is a service that I cannot provide. Due to his many years of experience, he is able to postulate different outcomes for any situation so that preparatory planning can occur. I recommend and appreciate his assistance to me with my practice clients.

    Gabriele Banka, DAcc., BApplBA, P.Mgr., C.Mgr., CPA, CGA

    Banka & Company*

    Chartered Professional Accountant

Our Tax Advisor offers tax problems resolution by representing you in the Canadian Tax Court

Tax Representation and Dispute Resolution

Corporations, trusts, partnerships and individuals can rely on our CRA related negotiating experience, knowledge of income tax legislation, including CRA administrative policies, to successfully represent taxpayers. Derek Dalsin, with over 38 years of related experience, brings a wealth of expertise regarding Canadian tax matters, domestic, inbound and outbound, including tax treaty matters.

Our Tax Specialist Canada provides expert guidance and support on complicated tax issues giving you peace of mind

Expert Tax Advice for Peace of Mind and Time Savings: Rely on Derek Dalsin CPA, CA, a Respected Resource with Unmatched Experience and Knowledge

Peace of Mind Regarding Tax Matters

Derek Dalsin is a trusted and highly sought-after resource for expert income tax advice. He has built a solid track record of delivering risk management solutions to the most complex tax and accounting challenges businesses face. Whether you're an accountant, lawyer, investment advisor or insurance professional, you can rely on Derek to provide expert guidance and support on complicated tax issues. Leveraging his extensive tax knowledge and experience will save valuable time and effort researching solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Derek will permit peace of mind knowing that your tax and accounting matters are in the hands of a true professional.

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